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Basis Technology

Basis Technology products streamline the multilingual, unstructured data analysis pipeline for information-driven industries. The product set is a clear leader in the fields of eDiscovery and Multilingual Search, setting the standard in government intelligence, financial compliance and social media monitoring. Basis provide software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured text, helping organisations improve the accuracy of search, text mining, link analysis, fuzzy name matching, and other applications through advanced linguistics. Their digital forensics team pioneers faster and cheaper techniques to extract forensic evidence, leveraging Autopsy, the Basis-developed and open source platform. Basis software is in use by numerous top 10 global software companies and government agencies.

NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Mobility mobile VPN security software gives organisations with mobile workforces the connectivity, visibility and control needed to solve the common challenges of wireless computing, especially in areas of variable connection quality. No other vendor gives organisations the ability to create, secure, and manage reliable connections over any wireless network, enabling a highly productive mobile workforce and a more efficient IT department. Mobility gives detailed visibility into the performance of public and private wireless networks, managed through a centralised control console enabling enterprises to identify and resolve problems within their mobile deployment quickly, saving time and creating a significant return on their mobile investments, whilst providing:

- Detailed analytics records of connection and usage activity of every remote and mobile connection to highlight issues and provide comprehensive audit reporting insights.
- Detailed control over devices to ensure all remote connection traffic is authorised, managed, configured and prioritised in accordance with corporate security policy.

Unlike traditional VPNs not built for mobile environments, Mobility delivers an exceptional end-user experience. With a single sign-on, it operates as a service and is completely transparent to mobile workers, keeping them focused on their jobs and not distracted with dropped connections or continuous logins. Mobility is built to optimise worker productivity. It maintains application sessions through an encrypted tunnel as mobile workers move in and out of coverage areas, move their connection from one wireless network to another, or suspend and resume their device.


Imperva provides cyber security software and services to protect enterprise data and application software and to ensure regulatory compliance.

Imperva Incapsula

Ultris chose to partner with Imperva for Incapsula on G-Cloud for cloud-based security and website acceleration as it brings best of breed technology and world class support that are cutting edge to high risk environments.

Incapsula Overview

Incapsula is a cloud-based service that protects websites and IP infrastructure making them safer, faster, and more reliable. Incapsula's mission is to provide every website—regardless of size—with enterprise-grade security and performance features that have previously been affordable only to the very largest of organisations.

Built on a globally distributed network, Incapsula protects against distributed denial of service (DDoS) and web application attacks. Incapsula accelerates web content delivery through a global CDN, and improves website reliability with a highly sophisticated traffic load balancer. Incapsula mitigates attacks instantly, offers a better end-user experience, delivers the best DDoS protection and is simple to use.

Imperva Camouflage

Gartner - "Data masking should be mandatory for organisations using copies of sensitive production data for application development, analytics or training."

Organisations faced with managing data driven processes must confront a number of considerations: is “real” data needed to support the activity? Is the risk and security cost associated with sensitive data acceptable? How is testing and development efficiently and easily enabled without impacting operational systems? Are there alternatives to using copies of sensitive production data for application development, analytics and training? The Gartner view is that the answers can be found through data masking and that it should be mandatory for organisations faced with these issues. Data masking effectively produces realistic fictional data whilst maintaining operational and statistical accuracy. Sensitive data is permanently removed and security and compliance overheads reduced.

Gartner - "The one question every CIO should be asking: What are we doing to protect our non production data set?"