/ Below is a summary of the technologies and systems on which we develop solutions and provide services. We are highly adaptable to customer requirements and have extensive commercial and government experience. Ultris personnel are cleared to the UK government's highest security level and are experienced in working in highly sensitive environments. /

Search systems

- Elasticsearch
- Sharepoint Search
- Federated Search

Indexing systems

- Ontologies
- Taxonomies
- XML databases

content management

- SharePoint

Basis Technology

- Technical support
- After sales support
- Bespoke solutions built
  around Basis tools

Microsoft technologies

- SharePoint systems
- SQL Server
  WCF, ASP, WinForms
- App development
- Azure cloud services

User eXperience Design

- HTML 5, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS
- AngularJS, Angular4, ES6, React
- Webpack, Babel, Redux, Sagas


- Camouflage
- Incapsula

Software localisation

- English
- Welsh
- German
- Spanish