Who we are
( Based in London, Ultris Limited was founded in 2002. Initially established as an agent facilitating innovative software capability into the UK government market, Ultris has progressively changed into an organisation delivering services and developing software solutions and IP in our own right and in partnership with other organisations.

Ultris personnel are highly qualified, working to an ethos that places emphasis on innovation, quality and value. Currently the great majority of our work is conducted in the confidential UK government domain. In addition to our permanent staff we have a rigorously scrutinised group of associates. All personnel possess appropriate security clearance. )

Alan M Carroll
Managing Director

Mike Payne
Technical Director

Daniel Pearce
Senior Developer

Andy Gray
Senior Information
Assurance Architect

Chris Hilton
Senior Information

Alan M Carroll
Managing Director

Alan founded Ultris in 2002 after 8 years working in senior sales and business development roles with IBM, Unisys and Informix and a further 3 years facilitating Foreign Military Finance information systems programmes into East and Central Europe. In addition to his work with Ultris, Alan is the Senior Independent Non Executive Director at Ideagen plc, a fast growing AIM listed software company operating in the governance, risk and compliance market. In this capacity, Alan was voted Best Non Executive Director for 2018 at the 2019 Money Week Mello Awards ceremony.