Who We Are

Based in London Ultris Limited was founded in 2002 by Alan Carroll. Initially established as a facilitating agent for small and medium sized UK based software companies into the UK government market, Ultris has progressively changed into an organisation delivering services and developing software solutions and IP in our own right and in partnership with other organisations.

Ultris personnel are very highly qualified and motivated, working to an ethos that places high emphasis on productivity, innovation, quality and value. Currently the great majority of our work is conducted in the confidential UK government domain.

All personnel involved with Ultris come with significant experience, having worked for major, blue chip organisations operating in this market. In addition to our permanent staff we have a rigorously scrutinised group of associates. Relevant security clearance and authorisation are in place together with a broad range of relevant skills and a high grade contact network.

Seven Technologies Automated Intelligence Basis Technology Partner NetMotion Wireless Partner

DocLink for Sage 50

DocLink for Sage 50 adds powerful Document Management and 'Paperless Office' functionality to Sage 50. Click here to find out more.



Profiler is an innovative threat modelling system which visually represents an individual's footprint in cyberspace, designed in response to requirements from government and commercial organisations. Click here to find out more.


AES for MarkLogic

Advanced Extensible Search (AES) for MarkLogic is a powerful, customisable search application which provides much more power, flexibility and control than the out-of-the-box AppBuilder-generated search interface. Click here to find out more.